Coca Cola Sharing Can

Coca Cola Split Can

When you think about marketing there are just some companies you can’t ignore. One of them is Coca Cola.

One of their campaigns I consider a master piece is the Coca cola sharing can, where an apparently normal can of Coca Cola would split in half and contain two cans. You can better grasp the idea in this short ad about the coca cola sharing can (around 2 minutes).



This was part of a test campaign in Singapore. This campaign goes far beyond creating a different approach. It involves a lot of thinking, logistics, design,test and attention to detail. For example, this test was made in Asia because of studies regarding consumer behavior  of Asian people and their sharing habits. They found out that adults on-the-go did would either not want a full Coke or not want to necessarily spend all their money on a drink but where willing to enjoy a Coke, so they shared their drink. Thinking of a way to take advantage of this behavior, they created the “sharing” can.


It was not only a creative process but also had all the logistics side in it. The company needed to be able to design a can in small numbers in order to make a test with consumers and that it did not affect the main production. The twist mechanism to separate the cans had to be done right to provide the best experience to the customer and to encourage him into sharing.… Read the rest of “Coca Cola Sharing Can”