GDG Devfest Barcelona 2013 Roundup

GDG Devfest Barcelona 2013

First I need to say the GDG Defvest Barcelona 2013 was a great event, with really great speakers and amazing technologies.

I think it is best if I go one by one on the conferences I assisted.

Customer Development with Google Tools

It was a nice talk oriented to new startups. They showed a nice use of Google technologies to be able to achieve a product – market fit. There was a tool for every step along the lean methodology. Among the different free or relatively inexpensive tools available from Google, they showed us a good way to use trends or customer Survey for the discovery part to research the market and to use Google Analytics and Google AdWords for market validations. Essentially max out the power of the tools Google has made available for start ups.

All in all it was a good talk: it gave a hands-on point of view about one of the best ways to create and develop a product-market fit, how there was a specific tool to advance in each area and some of the traps you can find along the way. A good way to start the GDG Defvest Barcelona 2013.


Liquid Galaxy

I was really amazed by this technology. I didn’t know anything about this before coming so first I had no expectations and second it was a positive surprise. Liquid galaxy creates an immersive sensation by using Google maps and Google earth among multiple huge displays. We were able to see the technology that was behind such great product and also some of the multiple possible applications of this technology. For example, It could be used to showcase new Google earth products, it could help create a new experience for museum visitors, be used in an aquarium after mapping the aquarium which would enable the visitors to explore the area from the screens, or even help in controlling a drone equipped with an heart defibrillator. Amazing stuff.


Multi-platform Applications Design

This talk was about the User eXperince in mobile apps. The speakers talked about best practices in design and some UI guidelines. They were defending the idea of native development in iOS and Android because it favors the user experience. Multi-platform design in mobile apps has a lot of problems for the user experience but a lot of advantages for developers. This I feel is a subject that creates a lot of different opinions and is one of those “it depends” cases. When to use native and when to use multiplatform? When the result is better for the user.


Google Glass Hands On

One of the main events for me at the GDG Defvest Barcelona 2013 was to see the Google Glass in action. They are a mix of incredible technology and an ethics boundary for the moment. It is like a small android phone but inside a lightweight pair of glasses, with voice and touch control. Google says it wants to have more control over the apps published for the Glass and I believe this is a good thing because we may enter in a big privacy issue. Imagine entering a bar and knowing the name of everybody and their social profiles by using face recognition software connected to the Google Glass; a mix of scary and cool. Applications are endless, like aviation, tourism or in the postal service.


Be clean my friend

A conference about the importance of clean code and best practices. For software engineers this is a must. Code Refactoring, naming conventions, and a long etc. of best practices. A lot of the talk was inspired from the book “Clean code. A handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” by Robert C. Martin.


Startup in San Francisco and Barcelona

This had more a feeling of a conversation instead of a conference. There were two entrepreneurs who lived among Barcelona and Silicon Valley and they were basically explaining the difference and resemblance in mindset and opportunities between the two cities. A lot of histories and a lot of small tips to get the best of both worlds.


And that is about it for my experience of the GDG Defvest Barcelona 2013.



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